I’ve been wanting to get back to writing, and I just called my old WordPress blog defunct. The number of writing platforms out there have been a little too much for me to handle.

I wanted a platform away from WordPress that I could jot down my thoughts on-the-go. A platform where there is a clean interface for me to write in. 

A platform with a clean and good design for reading without the need to think of “which theme to use”.

A platform without a comment system.

After checking out various platforms, it goes down to four: Roon, Tumblr, Svbtle and Medium.

Svbtle and Medium are great platforms. I love the writing experience on Medium and the design of the site. Svbtle is good, too, but it reminded me of the quality content posted on it before Svbtle was opened to public registration.

Tumblr is awesome too, but I felt that it was more for leisure and looking at photos (I love the clean lightbox view for photosets). I wanted to write a Tumblr theme for myself but put it off for now. It doesn’t feel like somewhere I could write long articles. Rather, it felt more fitting for a photoblog. Thus, my Tumblr blog will remain as a photoblog or sharing musings.

I have written a couple of articles on Medium, and one on Svbtle. Both of them are great platforms for content discovery. Lots of good articles got published on these platforms. Posts on Medium have also been shared frequently on my Facebook News Feed. But I’m not planning to write articles like 10 Ways Why You Are Not Winning in Life

I wanted to share my own thoughts instead of being tied down and pressured to write articles where my friends will share.

Sure, I would continue posting on Medium to share with a larger audience, but that depends on what I want to write and share.

That said, I have to give up on analytics on the blog posts for now as it is a paid option on Roon, which Medium and Svbtle offer for free. I won’t even know how many people read this piece after tweeting and posting to Facebook.

I like the writing and reading interface of Roon. It feels more personal to me. Let’s go, Roon!