The Art of Changing

We all have our own opinions of good design or good photography.

Some of us would give suggestions to improve the artwork. But there are those who take your work and change it completely.

I have witnessed others change an individual's piece of work and take credit. This happened at an organisation where the individual does not have authority over the ones who changed his work.

The artwork was beautiful at first, but in the end, the result was disastrous.

Credit was not given to the individual.

I guess this is how the corporate world works, and man, it was an ugly sight for someone like myself who has not entered the working world yet.

I have had my own experience too: my mediocre work got changed to something distasteful. I didn't enjoy that.

I may not be a designer. Heck, I don't even know what font to use in my designs. But what I do know is that I understand good design when I see it.

And that is the reason why I enjoy making my own websites and apps – I have control over my own design.

Photo by Nadir Balcikli