ORD Loh!

Not really. I have not ORD-ed. Now that I have your attention, let me tell you about my first iPhone app in a couple of minutes.

I first had the inspiration to build an ORD (Operational Ready Date) app when I saw what Sam Soffes did with Coins. I too wanted an app that showed me information at a glance – the days I have left to ORD.

This app was made for Singapore's Full Time National Servicemen (NSFs) to countdown to their special day where they will end their 22 or 24-month service.

I last touched Objective-C back in 2012 and made use of this opportunity to build and learn again. It was a great learning experience.

There were people telling me that are similar apps out there in both the App Store and Google Play, but I didn’t bother to explain to them my decision on building this app.

One thing I do want to tell people is that I love this product that I made and hope that others would enjoy using this simple and beautiful app.

It’s available on the App Store right now, so get your NS-serving brothers, friends or boyfriends to download it!

Now, excuse me as I countdown to my Operational Ready Date. ORD loh!