Migration to Ghost

I was informed via email that Roon has been acquired by Ghost a while back and finally took the chance to migrate over to Ghost.

Roon was a beautiful blogging platform built by two guys: Sam Soffes and Drew Wilson. When I hopped on to the platform back in 2013, I found the simplest and it just works site. I never thought that the project would come to a halt.

I heard about Ghost in 2014 when they were kickstarting the project. So today, I have finally hopped onto Ghost and have also installed the open-source Roon theme for now.

I must say, my first post on Ghost: it's a darn nice platform! Throughout the writing of this post, I came across some small bugs like not being able to highlight or go back to just one word I wanted to edit. It went away randomly after I finished typing this paragaph, though.

After installing via cPanel and importing my old data from Roon, I realized that the Content section on Ghost jumbled up the posts order. This current blog post apparently at the bottom while my last published post is 6th on the list. I am not sure if I could change the order but currently I am clueless.

While typing and editing this post, I found out that there was no way for me to preview the post but to publish it and edit afterwards. Exploring the platform a little more, I realized that I can't view stats for my blog posts. Now, that reminds me of writing more often; almost a year since my last blog post.

Nevertheless, here's to more to come!