My First Pull Request

I've been browsing and using some GitHub projects for awhile but have not contributed to them. Until today. Amidst the preparation for my examinations.

I was browsing Tumblr and noticed that the XKit extension 'Go To Dash' had an issue that messes up the iframe on Tumblr posts. The bug has irked me for a few days now and I decided to spend some time fixing the issue.

That turned out to be one of my first pull request (PR) contributing to an open source project. I hope that it gets merged.

I've never written so much Markdown in a day. I should use it more often. And, this blog post was written on my phone via the browser.

Now, I should actually get back to studying for my examinations.

Edit (16 May): The pull request got merged on the 8th of May. Yay! It did not come easy though. Initially I clicked on the 'Merge' button on the PR page, unsure of how the team worked. So I was told to rebase or squash the merge commit.

I also had to make some changes after one of the contributors told me that I should use their .hide_button() method to hide one of the button's text. And so, I made the changes upon knowing where to look at. I also did not know that I should reply back after making my changes and another PR nearly got the green-light for review.

During this course of getting the PR reviewed, I learned about rebase (and interactive rebase). I also learned about Gulp and Homu which lead me to more reading up other than just making the PR to fix the bug.

This marks my first step into the open source community and I hope to contribute more!