On Photos and Instagram

I have been thinking about this topic for quite a while and thought that I would like to share my perspective about sharing photos on social media. Specifically, Instagram. A short rant.

We all like taking photos. Photos of our pets. Photos of the food we just ate, yum. Photos of cute babies. Photos of your loved ones. Photos of your friends. The list could go on. These photos serve as a memory. And with the improvement to cameras on smartphones, we now have access to a good everyday-camera. We want to share them with our family members and friends, don't we?

When Instagram started out, we posted photos of our lives as early adopters of the platform. What we did. What we ate. What was happening that day. It was iPhone-exclusive and we enjoyed it.

Over time, I felt that Instagram has lost that 'life' element. It has come to wanting more of 'staged' photos. It has even come to when you post that grainy photo, you are going to get less likes. If you post that not-perfect photo, you are not going to get likes. You might have even seen those 'goals' comments on Instagram photos.

That is the problem with Instagram: most of the young adults are too engrossed with followers and likes. These people wanted the 'perfect' life. They wanted a piece of the fame cake.

And then there would be articles about what you should post or what you should not be posting on Instagram (or even Facebook). Oh god. Or articles about the perfect lifestyle of certain Instagram celebrity. About people posting iPhone-only or dSLR-only photos on their profile and how they hated it.

I felt that it was STUPID. Be yourself. Be real. Don't think about followers. Don't think about likes.

A photo posted by yanyi (@yanyi_) on

The above was my very first Instagram photo when my family went out to celebrate my sister's birthday. About two weeks after Instagram launched.

After close to five years of using Instagram, I was getting a little burnt out from using it. I was sick of looking at fake people posting fake photos for followers and likes. I had wanted to stop posting after my 750th post and quit the platform.

I sat down and thought through it. I love taking photos and I don't want to stop posting. And so I posted my 751st, 752nd and then my 753rd.

Go post what you love and be real.