2015 has been quite a year. Probably more eventful than 2014. I have decided to do a quick review to reflect on what happened in my life and hopefully I can look back at it for years to come.


  • Road trip to New Zealand
  • Lost my grandmother
  • Ended two years of national service
  • Started university

I lost my grandmother while I was serving the nation. It was emotional as it was the first time I have lost a family member. I learned a lot over that period in time. I learned to appreciate and be contented with what we have in life. Especially your family, friends and loved ones. Treat them well.

I finished the two years of mandatory national service in August. Had a short two-week break before heading straight to university.

Probably the highlight of the year has got to be the road trip to New Zealand. I have been talking about it, I know. Out of the following #2015bestnine photo, eight of them were from the trip.

Also, there were some firsts like building my desktop and shooting a music video.


  • Built a desktop
  • Road trip (in New Zealand)
  • Shot a hip-hop music video (link)
  • Cold showers for 99 consecutive days
  • Stomach indigestion
  • Voted in the elections
  • One month without Instagram and Snapchat

As a step out of my comfort zone, I decided to start showering in cold water back in September. I have been enduring it everyday since. Also, I had my first stomach indigestion after stuffing myself with Korean BBQ on my birthday. Just because I wanted to eat what we paid for the buffet. I regretted it.

I stopped using Instagram and Snapchat. Which probably came as a surprise to some of my friends because I am that tech guy who probably cannot live without these social media platforms. I just did not felt like using them any longer. I might probably write a blog post about it.

Shooting my first hip-hop music video has got to be my second favourite after completing the road trip. It was hip-hop. And I listen to mainly hip-hop.

Moving on, I built my first desktop after saving up for it. I managed to install Mac OS X (read: Hackintosh) on it because I had to work on Xcode. Moreover, I prefer using Mac OS X than Windows.

I also voted in my country's elections.

I look forward to the next year and always am seeking to improve myself. I do not like to set New Year's resolution because most of us humans would not complete them over. Rather, I prefer to set short term goals to work towards.

Most importantly, I want to appreciate what has been given to me in my life: my family, my friends, and the connections I have made. The human element of life.

As for now, I am looking forward to completing a month of #836pm after reading Jon Wheatley's post. You can find my 8.36pm blog here.

Take care. Stay healthy. Happy New Year!